Bioassay testing for

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Insect Research & Development Limited

For over 30 years we have been helping our clients screen and test insecticides and devices aiming to minimise the impact of arthropods on both human and animal health. Our success is down to providing honest advice and straight forward testing procedures using our depth of knowledge and experience. If you would like us to help you contact us on Buy Diazepam Usa.

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New Product Development

Using our formulation company Valium Online Cheap we enable clients to develop new products from the first concept through to a final product. We can help to improve existing formulations, making them more effective and commercially attractive in today’s crowded market place. We can also provide off the shelf ready made formulations which are tried and tested for efficacy. If you would like any further information please contact us on Get Prescribed Valium Online.

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Laboratory Evaluation

Our clients benefit from our expertise in bioassay testing which we perform across a wide range of products. These include both neurotoxic and physically acting insecticides, repellents, attractants, treated materials, surfaces, and a plethora of devices from insect traps to louse combs. Contact us to talk through your requirements.

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Clinical Trials

We run a Clinical trials company, Medical Entomology Centre, which was established in 1984. When using our trial services you will gain access to world leaders in the clinical evaluation of head louse treatments and our studies of direct kill products, repellents and protectants. In addition we run studies on concepts to limit house dust mites and their allergens. If you would like to find out more please contact us on Buy Diazepam Usa.

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