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Professional services that
help your products grow


Professional services that
help your products grow


Get real results from your products.. and confidence in your advertising claims

Our aim is to provide an honest, helpful and realistic assessment of how your product will work for your consumers. With the exception of clinical or field trials, the best and most cost effective way to achieve this is to test in the laboratory using a test method as close as possible to a real world scenario. We can test using a wide variety of established test methods including WHO, Biocides PT18, and PT19, AATCC and other leading industry standards. However, we know that “standard” protocols are not how people are using your products so if required we can tailor these to meet guidelines and to reflect consumer use. Over the last 30 years we have introduced new and pioneering approaches to testing with many of our methods being validated and used by other organisations.

To ask any for any further information please email Buy Valium Australia Online or use the contact form.

Buy Diazepam Usa



We have over 30 years of experience testing chemicals, technical materials, formulations, substrates and commercially available products. We examine the claims of products abilities and provide rigorous tests to reflect real world outcomes and compare them to competitor products tested in the same way. We base our testing methods on the product’s instructions for use meaning we are able to duplicate the user experience as far as possible in the laboratory.

We can test to WHO, HSE, BIOCIDES PT18-19, and AATCC test methods aswell as other leading authority standards. These tests can be modified slightly to reflect the consumer use of the product.

We have market leading experience working with many insects and arthropods including head lice, fleas, mosquitoes, bed bugs, flies, cockroaches, ticks and house dust mites. If you would like to find out more please email Buy Valium Australia Online or use the enquiry form.

Valium Online Cheap



Our consultancy service can provide product support after the completion of testing. We offer you ongoing, continuous advice and guidance about your product. Our advice can help your marketing team, management board, and sales with client enquiries. We are on hand to help your clients understand your products better whilst also providing information which will help the consumer chose your product.

As part of our consultancy service we can assist you with ongoing media support, and staff training. We will be the experts you need from inception, to your product reaching the market.

Get Prescribed Valium Online



Buy Valium Overnight is a market leader counting some of the best known products for the control of ectoparasites and nuisance arthropods among its successes.

We formulate products specifically tailored to your requirements, reformulate existing products to make them more effective and to maintain their place in the ever changing market with differing consumer requirements. Alternatively contact us about one of our off the shelf formulations which come with a full dossier ready for market.

Contact Purchasing Valium In Mexico

Buy Diazepam Usa


Clinical Trials

At the Medical Entomology Centre we are recognised internationally for both our expertise and methodology to conduct Clinical Trials which give meaningful results. We have run clinical trials for the evaluation of some of the world’s most successful head louse treatments which are market leaders in their field.

If you would like further information please contact us at Buy Cheap Valium Online and we can talk you through our full clinical package which includes

  • The design of protocols and other study documentation
  • The trial registration on an appropriate publically accessible database
  • The application and advice on ethical and regulatory approvals
  • The recruitment, on your behalf, of trial participants through our large network of contacts
  • Administration and conduct of trials to ICH-GCP
  • The preparation of the Clinical Study Report and summary reports
  • The archiving of essential documents
  • Scientific publication
Valium Online Cheap

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